Promised Land

An interaction between my sister and I and our former selves. Createdin openFrameworks.

Fall 2010.

A reinterpretation of Robert Rauschenberg's 'Oracle' sculptural installation. Each mobile monitor displays found footage from 1962-1965. In order to scrub through the video, the viewer must move the monitors, otherwise the image remains static. Created in Max/MSP - Jitter.

Co-creator Don Miller. | Fall 2010.

[Slide] Projection

A grid of vintage glass photo slides rests unlit, awaiting the presence of a user. Through a security camera and blob detection software, the outline of a viewer is projected behind the grid, lighting up the glass slides in the outline of the user's body shape. Created in openFrameworks.

Featured in ITP's Winter Show 2010 and Core 77's Design Magazine | Winter 2010

An abstract video painting meant to be played as a continuous loop.

Co-creators Peter Holzkorn & Milena Merpis | Fall 2010