Seasonally Affected is an interactive video installation initially created for a 120 by 11 ft video wall at the IAC world headquarters. A blustering winter landscape is accompanied by a seesaw in the center of the room. When two individuals start teetering back and forth, they control a wave of summertime imagery that soars and stretches across the wall. This is surreal therapy for those of us suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder.

The IAC's video wall is composed of 22 projectors controlled by 3 separate computers. The interaction is controlled by a wireless accelerometer placed on the seesaw. The main program was developed in openFrameworks, the visuals in After Effects, and the accelerometer communicates with the system via Arduino and a Processing application.

The piece has since been redesigned to work with a single projector, making it practical to display in locations outside of the IAC. Seasonally Affected was featured in Funhaus music & technology festival and Park Here, an indoor pop-up park at OpenHouse Gallery in New York City, running from January 7th - 30th, 2011.

Press for Park Here:

The New York Times
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Featured in ITP's Big Screens show, Park Here, Funhaus | Winter 2010