Touch Palette is an interactive art table that allows a child to digitally finger paint with the color, pattern, or mixture of color of any object placed on the table. This is meant to excite the creativity of young children and encourage children to draw artistic inspiration from their physical environment.

This would ideally be placed in a kindergarten classroom or the home of a family with a small child. Rather than paint with actual paint (which is incredibly messy and a headache for adults), the child will have the same experience through a digital replication. Furthermore, instead of being limited to the palette of whatever paint is available, literally any color can be obtained by finding an object that contains that color, or by mixing the color from two objects. This adds an extra step to the painting process, tying the physical world to the imaginative paintings a child wants to create.

Touch Palette was created in openFrameworks.

Featured in ITP's Spring Show 2010 and the children's technology conference Dust or Magic.

Co-creator Chika Iijima Spring 2010 |